HDSPe ExpressCardRME ExpressCard for PCIe notebooks provides the same features as the PCMCIA version; comes with drivers for Windows XP (multiclient operation

HDSPe ExpressCard

ExpressCard for PCIe notebooks provides the same features as the PCMCIA version; comes with drivers for Windows XP (multiclient operation of MME, GSIF and ASIO 2.0), Windows Vista, Vista 64, Power PC and MAC Universal (Intel) drivers providing Core Audio and Core MIDI support; features high-speed serial audio data bus as used in the Multiface, Multiface II, Digiface and RPM DF interfaces.

VOVOXlink series

Series includes three types of cables for digital signals: unbalanced VOVOXlink protect AD features 75Ω impedance, balanced VOVOXlink direct SD features 110Ω and eight-channel cable VOVOXmucolink direct SD features 110Ω; available in lengths from 3ft to 33ft; include gold-plated RCA, BNC or XLR Neutrik connectors.
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Universal broadband router for the delivery of high-speed data, voice and video services supports up to 5000 subscribers; provides cable operators with up to 16 upstreams and four downstreams per 2RU form factor; features compatibility with DOCSIS 3.0, Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 and PacketCable 1.1 technology.

Dalet News Suite for
VectorBox Dalet

Turnkey digital production and playout solution combines Dalet News Suite integrated news and program production tools running on standard IT servers with VectorBox video and template-based CG playout; comes standard with a predefined workflow, associated training and installation services; integrates with existing nonlinear editing systems; provides centralized storage, desktop shot selection and editing, advanced scripting, program preparation tools and reliable playout.

CopperHead DLV-3X1
Telecast Fiber Systems

Camera-mounted fiber-optic multiplexer converts four 1.5GB/s data streams from copper to fiber, permitting transmission of uncompressed dual-link 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 HD-SDI data signals between the camera head and camera control area over one fiber-optic cable; increases transmission distances to as far as 9mi; mounts between almost any dual-link 4:4:4 camera and its battery; features an integrated HD receiver.


Onboard LED system features five high-output LEDs for stepless variable focus at 40 to 60 degrees, a cooling system that keeps the light cool to the touch and is fully dimmable with daylight color temperature at full saturations; generates greater brightness at a lower power consumption compared with standard tungsten light systems; operates at multivoltage inputs from 6.5V to 28V; comes equipped with an inline power supply adaptor.

Phantom C
Brauner Microphones

Phantom-powered 48V condenser microphone features a fixed cardioid pattern based on the VM1 capsule design, a signal-to-noise ratio of 83dB and a frequency range of 20Hz to 22kHz; provides a sonic character that is natural, clear and transparent without being harsh, making it suited for a wide range of applications.
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Blastwave FX

Downloadable sound effects libraries specifically created for new media and Web applications include two libraries: Webtones and Podcaster; feature sounds recorded at 24-bit 96k and delivered as 16-bit 44.1k MP3 files, and embedded metadata for easy search and retrieval in Pro Tools, Avid, SoundMiner, NetMix, iTunes and other popular sound library search engines.


Compact multidefinition logo inserter with dual independent logo generators and dual independent keyers allows HD or SD logos to be uploaded to flash memory, monitored and controlled via Ethernet; each channel can accommodate logos in any common format, including 1080i, 1080p25, 1080p30, 720p, 625 and 525; can store up to 4MB; controllable via an integral front-mounted panel, remote FP-9 Flexi-Panel or via Ethernet.


Surveillance zoom lens for day and night operations on CCTV systems features megapixel-compatible, high-resolution, long telephoto zoom capability, preset functionality and remote iris control; specialized optics use an extremely low longitudinal chromatic aberration lens that minimizes color fringing and provides crisp color images in daylight and black and white images in low light and darkness, without refocusing.


Shoulder-mount AVCHD camcorder records 1080i images onto SD/SDHC memory cards; uses H.264-based AVCHD video format to deliver twice the recording efficiency of older codec technologies; features three native 16:9 progressive 1/4in CCDs to record, or provide a live feed of, widescreen 1440 × 1080 HD images; equipped with a 12X 38.5mm-462mm wide-angle zoom lens, one-push auto focus and integrated Optical Image Stabilization.

DPA 4080
DPA Microphones

Miniature cardioid lavalier microphone combines optimal speech intelligibility with a discreet, compact design; achieves maximum gain before feedback, capturing the voice with a high degree of definition; integrated system combines microphone, windscreen, shock mount and cable management lapel clip into compact solution; comes standard with MicroDot connectors that attach to a wide range of adapters.

Twister Dolly

Doorway dolly features combined tire and track wheels that allow for movements on track (2ft gauge) or on the ground without conversion; three selectable steering modes move either the front or rear wheels independently from each other, or all four wheels move together; glides with an overall width of 31in through doors; allows up to 550lbs payload.


IP-based system controls current QuStream routing switchers via 10 or 100BASE-T or serial port; comprises a circuit board and software; provides a wide range of configuration options, including control of audio delay on input channels and/or output channels, audio phase inversion, dual channel summing and assignment of audio silence, white noise, 1kHz tone and discrete tone sweep; comes with four RS-232/422 serial ports and Ethernet for communications interfaces.

OTPN-MDN-870 Mini-Node
Olson Technology

Advanced CATV fiber-optic receiver features a wide optical input range of -8dBm to +4dBm, digitally adjustable attenuator and equalizer, high RF output and built-in digital optical input power meter; can function as a node receiver only or with a return path transmitter, modules of which are available in 1310nm, 1550nm and CWDM configurations using either FP or DFB lasers.

RASTOR 3500/7500/8500

Family of 64-bit multicore AMD-based 2RU storage platforms offers high-capacity, high-performance flexible storage; incorporates redundant Active-Active controllers, redundant fans and redundant power supplies; comes with more capacity via high-performance SAS expansion using RASTOR 200e expansion enclosures and flexible I/O options.

Chief Manufacturing

Automated swing arm mount provides ultra-smooth movements and is designed for 40in to 63in flat-panel screens weighing up to 180lbs; extends up to 12ft from the wall, swivels left and right, and provides automated tilt; mounts directly to studs for easy installation; features preset buttons on the remote to program screen positions; is UL- and TUV-listed.

Smart 116IP

Rack-mountable 1RU digital KVM switch features ROC dongle technology that connects the switch to each server in the rack; provides high-level security encryption, guarding corporate data through remote access while giving access and control over mixed platforms, including PS/2 and USB.


Configurable audio monitor/processor features optional inputs for AES of multirate serial digital embedded with Dolby encoding, multirate assignable channel de-embedding process and re-embedded output, adjustable audio to video delay DSP option, shuffle channel assignment DSP option, and pre- and post-process metering and alarm DSP option.

Network Electronics

HD frame synchronizer for Flashlink features SD-SDI and HD-SDI frame synchronization, one optical and one electrical input with automatic or user-controlled input select, four electrical outputs where one is a buffered loop through of the input signal, sync input with unbuffered loop through, optional stereo audio out plus AES out, and optional stereo out plus de-embedding of RS-422 data.