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The new Miranda Kaleido-XQUAD brings even greater simplicity to the Kaleido family. It's an ultra-compact, super-silent processor which is ready to go right out of the box, without the hassle of assembling modules or configuring options.

Cost-effective large monitor walls can be achieved using multiple individual quads with inexpensive displays, whilst offering the assurance of a very small failure block at just four inputs — perfect for mission critical applications and live production.

The quad-split operates with the same software as the larger Kaleido family multiviewers and, because of Miranda's cluster feature, unlike other basic quad split processors, the Kaleido-XQUAD can be logically linked to more quad split processors for large monitor wall quad views and operated seamlessly as one system.

To streamline production operations, the Kaleido-XQUAD processors offer tight integration with NVISION and third party routers, with source control and centralized mnemonic database access. It also offers tight integration with many third party production switchers, with tally support via direct serial interface.

Kaleido-XQUAD is available in two versions: Kaleido-XQUAD features four 3Gb/s/HD inputs and a single multiviewer output (HDMI/HD-SDI), and Kaleido-XQUAD-DUAL offers eight 3Gb/s/HD inputs and two multiviewer outputs. Both versions offer exceptional image quality and display flexibility, along with outstanding space and energy efficiency, using a 1RU, half 19in frame chassis with silent ventilation for installation within studios.

To simplify signal management and avoid signal timing problems during live production monitoring, the quad-split also offers ultra-fast processing, which avoids the need for complex audio delay compensation.