New JVC ProHD Libre delivers live HD ENG/EFP via BMS camera-back transmitter

At NAB2007, JVC introduced the ProHD Libre system, which provides native 60P HD capture, recording and microwave transmission through a compact, on-board camera-back transmitter developed by Broadcast Microwave Services.

A fully equipped system, complete with camera, lens, microwave transmitter and receiver, can be configured for less than $30,000.

ENG crews now have the freedom to report live HD news from locations that were previously off limits because of typical cabling limitations. While the system is targeted at ENG news, ProHD Libre is suitable for other demanding remote EFP HD applications including live sporting events.

The ProHD Libre system is composed of a JVC ProHD 200 series camera with built-in Super Encoder that generates an MPEG-2 stream. The BMS HD Mini-Coder camera-back transmitter accepts the camera's compressed signal at 20Mb/s via IEEE-1394 connection and modulates it at 64-QAM, then transmits COFDM with an 8MHz bandwidth in the 2GHz channel. The entire transmitter is the size of a small outboard battery and uses the same mounting hardware.

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