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New Imagestore Features to Highlight Miranda Booth

Montreal-based Miranda Technologies Inc., is launching multiple new products at NAB2006 including a more powerful Imagestore Intuition channel branding processor with clip playout, a new up/down/crossconverter with advanced aspect-ratio conversion, picoLink 12-bit miniature interfaces, and a new HD-Bridge with HDV/ASI to HD-SDI interfacing.

Video/audio clip playout capability has been added to the Imagestore Intuition SDI channel branding processor to improve the output of multilevel graphics over moving backgrounds. Imagestore Intuition's automated character generator has been enhanced with multilanguage support and soft shadows. It also offers full creative freedom with respect to text styles, backgrounds and the dynamic qualities of individual graphic/animation layers.

Miranda's XVP HD interfacing family has been enhanced with the new XVP-811i HD/SD upconverter, downconverter and crossconverter. This new interface features aspect ratio conversion using the soon-to-be-standardized Advanced Format Descriptor (AFD), allowing broadcasters to manage aspect ratio conversion automatically. It also offers 5.1 to left/right downmixing, Dolby E metadata insertion capability, frame synchronization, video proc amp and audio processing with mux/demux.

Miranda Technologies will also debut its new HD-Bridge HDV to HD-SDI interface with ASI input, genlock and 24p support; multiple new HD monitoring capabilities for Kaleido-Alto-HD and Kaleido-K2 multi-image display processors; and two new picoLink 12-bit miniature interfaces: the ENC-291p SDI to composite (NTSC/PAL) encoder and the DEC-291p composite (NTSC/PAL) to SDI decoder.

Miranda Technologies will be in Booth SU1341.