New Hitachi Displays Are Wafer-Thin

Hitachi said it will launch its new line of 1.5-inch Ultra Thin HDTVs in December. The new Ultra Thin series will be available first in Japan at the end of the year and the U.S. market in early 2008.

The company is initially offering the flat-panel display in three sizes: 32 inch (1366x768), 37 inch (1920x1080) and 42 inch (1920x1080). The company said thin displays are designed to provide consumers with options for placement throughout the home because consumers want them for a kitchen, bathroom, office or bedroom.

“Our research shows a new trend emerging: consumers want access to information and entertainment throughout the home,” said Daniel Lee, vice president of marketing for Hitachi America, Ltd., Ubiquitous Platform Systems Division. “And it’s also what’s behind the emergence of these new Ultra Thin Displays from Hitachi, which are very thin, versatile, lightweight and stylish and can elegantly be placed in any room or multiple rooms throughout the home.”

The thin displays include the following features an External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp, a wide viewing angle, and Picture Master Full HD that analyzes and processes images at high speed, providing state-of-the-art picture quality. The Ultra Thin line also offers a new technology which automatically eliminates the jerky “judder” motion. This anti-judder technique does so by creating interpolated frames based on the original film images. It smoothes out the movement and correctly matches the motion of the original movie.

The 32-inch display is expected to arrive in Q1 and the 37-inch and 42-inch displays are expected to be available in Q2.