New Gefen distribution amp moves full audio with HD video

Gefen has announced its newest distribution amp, engineered to deliver HD video plus digital and/or analog audio to eight separate displays. The 1:8 Component Audio Distribution Amplifier supports component video sources with true HD capability, delivering resolutions up to 1080p. Along with the video, the rack-mountable unit comes equipped with one analog audio input and eight outputs, plus one digital S/PDIF input and eight outputs. This enables full audio performance with the visuals on all eight displays simultaneously.

If displays need to be extended throughout the venue, Gefen supplies component video extension solutions, designed to deliver HD resolutions up to 330ft over Cat 5 cables. The 1:8 Component Audio Distribution Amplifier comes with one 6ft RCA component audio cable and a 5V power supply, and is currently available for purchase.

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