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New 16-port hub from Pragmatic leverages Cat 5 audio distribution

Pragmatic Communication Systems has announced a new improvement to its original PADS system — the PH-16, a 16-output hub for audio distribution over Cat 5 cables. The PH-16 receives line level stereo audio from any of the Pragmatic PADS PT or PTI transmitters. The PH-16 hub then distributes the line level stereo audio to the various destination rooms while simultaneously sending power for the amplifiers on the same cable. The PH-16 feeds up to 16 rooms and can be expanded infinitely with the loop output. The unit is compatible with the PA-15R and PA-15KP in-wall amplifiers with rotary or keypad volume controls.

The compact design of the PH-16 is suited for multiroom audio distribution for both residential and commercial applications, including intercom and music distribution for schools, offices and other commercial venues. Pragmatic PTS-1 tube speakers can also be paired with the PH-16 for background music systems. PADS is also effective in retrofit applications because it requires no rewiring, running off pre-existing Cat 5 cables. The Pragmatic PADS audio distribution hub is also available in a four-output version.

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