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Nevion unveils JPEG2000 encoders/decoders for IP, SDH, fiber overlay transport

Nevion showcased its new VS901 family of Ventura compression and decompression JPEG2000 solutions at IBC2009 in Amsterdam.

Three Ventura 901 solutions provide visually lossless compression for contribution and primary distribution applications where compression previously was not possible. With JPEG2000 compression at the contribution level, downstream distribution quality encoders with low bit rate outputs are now fed with the highest quality video signals for increased compression efficiency. The result is improved efficiency throughout the entire video transmission and distribution chain.

The VS901 family includes the VS901-TAED-27 JPEG2000 encoder/decoders for use with 270Mb/s DVB-ASI or SDTI transport; the VS901-SED-12 encoder/decoder for JPEG2000 via a 622Mb/s STM-4/OC-12c network interface; and the VS901-IED-GE for JPEG2000 over a 100/1000 Base-T Ethernet network interface.