NETIA integrates Memnon IPI-Manager, IPI-Editor

NETIA has integrated Memnon's IPI-Manager and IPI-Editor with the NETIA Content Management System (CMS), designed to meet media companies' end-to-end media management and distribution needs.

These tools allow cataloguers, after automated preindexation and segmentation, to identify and isolate extracts while analyzing them, to describe each of these extracts precisely and to import documented files into the heart of the distribution system.

Equipped with Memnon's solution that automates the indexing of digital media files, the NETIA CMS simplifies the task of preserving, managing and accessing content within rapidly growing digital libraries.

As the NETIA CMS ingests content from a variety of sources, Memnon's IPI tool streamlines cataloging and indexing through functions including audio segmentation, automatic speech-to-text transcription, speaker identification, detection and tracking, video scene detection, caption and logo detection, and fingerprinting.