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Netgem makes tablets into portable TVs

Netgem, the French connected home technology vendor, has announced its N Cloud software aiming to provide simple and consistent access to all content, including live TV and video on demand, from any connected device within the home. The new software will be available first from Monaco Telecom, Netgem's innovation partner.

Netgem points out that the average number of screen per household in France is now close to six, according to research by Médiamétrie-GfK in 2010, taking tablets and other portable devices into account. This has increased content consumption, but also led to higher consumer frustration because of difficulty accessing services from some of the devices.

The N Cloud is a software suite that converts the STB into a multimedia server delivering content to connected devices as clients, almost like a cloud service. Netgem says it chose this hybrid approach in the belief that consumers will become more and more cautious about sharing their personal data and that operators will therefore need such software to support desired privacy. The argument is that TVs, tablets, smart phones, and other devices do not need the Internet to access stored content, since this is kept within the home.

The first implementation of the N Cloud is an application for the iPad, allowing users to receive all linear TV channels alongside access to their personal content.