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NDS licenses Cinea’s watermarking technology

Cinea, a subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories, has announced that NDS has licensed its forensic watermarking technology.

Cinea’s Running Marks technology will be used for NDS’line of conditional access and digital rights management products for video-on-demand (VOD) and live broadcast.

This combination provides NDS’ customers with the ability to embed invisible, unique product IDs in individual video streams, allowing tracking of pirated content back to its source. By leveraging Cinea’s capability to watermark compressed video streams, NDS can offer session-based watermarking for both VOD headends as well as set-top box applications.

This approach enables system operators to add subscriber-specific serialization capabilities to their VOD headend, with no changes to the downstream devices. It also enables watermarking of all video outputs, including compressed digital content in home video networks.

Forensic watermarking, also known as serialization watermarking, enables a unique, session-specific ID or serial number to be placed in every video stream distributed by a system operator. By watermarking individual streams, the natural flow of distributed content remains untouched and uninterrupted, yet any source of illegally redistributed content can be identified.

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