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nCUBE, Adlink Partner on Digital Ad Insertion

nCUBE has signed a multi-million dollar contract with Adlink, the Los Angeles Digital Cable Interconnet, to deploy nCUBE's Digital Ad Insertion system.

Adlink is expanding its digital ad insertion capability with nCUBE to support the growing DTV market, which makes the Los Angeles interconnect the first fully Digital Program Insertion-capable system in the U.S. The DPI system has D-A and A-D content insertion, is compatible with existing infrastructures, including the DVS-253 and DVS-380, and is installed in more than 600 channels.

Adlink is the largest digital cable interconnect, delivering an average of 100,000 spots a day with 44 networks and 75 headends. Adlink equity partners include MSOs Adelphia Media Services, AOL Time Warner, AT&T Media, Charter and Cox Cable Communications.