Motorola’s New MPEG Encoder Promises Greater Efficiency

Motorola has released two MPEG-4 encoder products that the company claims “dramatically enhance the operational efficiency of distributing high definition and standard video.”

The new devices are the first members of a new family of encoders, the NE series, which joins Motorola’s established SE line. The multichannel NE encoders feature real-time full-resolution video delivery at low bit-rates.

“With the explosive demand for more high definition programming, video quality and bandwidth efficiency have become critically important to successful and competitive service launches,” said Doug Means, Motorola’s vice president and general manager of IP Video Services, Home and Networks Mobility. “These new encoder releases deliver on both requirements for MPEG-4 HD and SD video content, and ultimately will allow more rich video content to be delivered efficiently to the home.”

The company also announced that a firmware update is in the works for its SE encoder products. It will allow them to more efficiently deliver services at lower bit rates. Motorola claims that bandwidth improvements of up to 25 percent are possible, allowing system operators to provide more services.