MotionDSP adds H.264 support to FixMyMovie mobile video enhancement service

News outlets can use the service to increase the quality of user-generated videos.
MotionDSP’s service auto-enhances user-generated videos for broadcast-quality distribution.

MotionDSP’s service, which enables one-click autofixing of user-generated video distributed by mobile and Internet users, now supports the H.264 video compression standard.

Among other applications, news organizations can use the free service to enhance mobile videos submitted by viewers. After uploading the video, they can enhance the quality automatically and add the video directly into their news editing without transcoding. Processed results can be downloaded as high-resolution H.264, WMV or JPEGs. FixMyMovie's suite of automatic enhancements improves overall resolution, corrects for poor lighting conditions and removes the blockiness and other artifacts that ruin most mobile phone and low-end digital camera videos. The service can work with most video sources.

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