MOG Technologies Unveils New Social Media Ingest, Publication Software

(Image credit: MOG Technologies)

PORTO & LISBON, Portugal—MOG Technologies has introduced mediaSocial, a new enhanced model for its mfxSpeedrail central ingest product focused on use for social media ingest and publication.

The new software application supports multiple social media video content streams with up to four live and four video-on-demand (VOD) operations at the same time. 

Retrieving from and publishing content to a wide range of social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter, is easily done with a simple setup configuration that enables graphic burn-in and metadata annotation and preservation.

The new enhanced version offers input and output to and from social media gateways, full remote and local user interface, closed captions, Google Chrome extension and manual and automatic operation modes.

The mediaSocial application is available in different versions to match the unique requirements of users.

They include: 

  • Software—mediaSocial dual for two operations
  • Software—mediaSocial quad for four operations 
  • MediaSocial Densu 
  • Densu—mediaSocial Densu-2 
  • Standard—mediaSocial 

The company will be presenting the new product during a virtual event, Sept. 11-30.

To schedule a virtual meeting, visit the company’s website

Phil Kurz

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