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Miranda Ships 10-bit Downconverter

Miranda Technologies is shipping the QDC-801i HDSDI-to-SDI downconverter. The board ¾ from the company's Imaging Series of DV, audio interfaces and signal processing modules ¾ supports 24p/24psF and 3D de-interlacing with edge detection and interpolation and 3:2 pull-down detection.

The QDC-801i conforms to SMPTE 292M and outputs to SMPTE 259M-C for SDI, SMPTE 170M for NTSC and ITU 624-4 for PAL. The downconverter has both automatic line format and frame-rate input detection along with VLI and WSS information insertion.

Additional processing includes noise reduction, detail enhancement and color-space conversion (from ITU-709 to ITU-601). Aspect ratio conversion includes resizing with blending; picture positioning (DVE) is also available. The QDC-801i can de-embed digital audio and metadata such as timecode and closed captioning from the HD input and then re-embed it within the SD output with the proper audio and metadata delay process.

The Imaging Series board-level modules offer proc-amp, A-to-D conversion, frame synchronization, variable delay and embedding/de-embedding with track swapping.