Miranda Highlights Loudness Control Solutions at NAB

Miranda Kaleido-Modular multiviewer system
Miranda Technologies will be highlighting multiple new products at the NAB Show, including loudness control solutions, space and energy efficient multiviewers, and audio processing for Nvision enterprise class routers.

Miranda will display its three distinct Automatic Loudness Control solutions: ALC with Linear Acoustic AEROMAXTM processing, ALC with Junger Level MagicTM processing, and ALC with Miranda’s wide-band audio processing.

Miranda will also show its Kaleido-Modular multiviewer system, with up to 20 multiviewer outputs per 3 RU frame. Each Kaleido-Modular card provides eight 3Gbps/HD/SD video inputs (with stereoscopic 3D support), and two multiviewer outputs. Up to 10 multiviewer modules can be housed in a 3 RU Densite 3 frame, which weighs 19 lbs. when fully populated.

Miranda’s Nvision 8500 enterprise class routers (3 Gbps/HD/SD/ASI/AES) will be shown with integrated audio processing, including de-embedding, shuffling, break-away and re-embedding capabilities. Using new “hybrid switching technology,” every frame in the router family can now de-embed, route, and re-embed up to 16 channels of mono audio per video input, and output in a completely non-blocking audio/video switch.

Miranda Technologies will be at Booth N2515.