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Miranda Awarded Patent for Audio Latency Reduction in Nvision Hybrid Routers

MONTREAL — Miranda Technologies said it has been awarded U.S. Patent 8359417 for a process invented by its Nvision routers team to reduce audio latency in its Nvision 8500 Hybrid Router series. Researched, designed and manufactured at Miranda’s Grass Valley, Calif., facility, Miranda’s Nvision hybrid routers significantly streamline television infrastructures and eliminate audio-to-video delay issues by incorporating advanced, integrated audio processing.

The method patented by the Nvision team vastly reduces the delay inherent in most audio disembeders and re-embedders. With their patented design, Nvision routers are able to reduce the delay of the disembedder (typically 20 lines or 24 audio samples), the TDM (memory-based time switch) audio crosspoint (typically one or two audio samples), and the embedder (typically 20 lines or 24 audio samples), down to as short as one line of delay when the video formats are the same, and up to three lines worst case with mixed video formats (like 625i/50 and 720p/59.94).

The Nvision 8500 Hybrid router series takes advantage of Dynamic Hybrid Pathfinding, which routes signals through audio processing modules within the router whenever required, either automatically or under manual control.