Microvideo unveils new HD/SD logo generator

The HDG 300 Logo generator keys up to three bugs over an HD or SD signal
The Microvideo HDG 300 logo inserter includes audio voice-over.

Microvideo has unveiled its new HDG 300 logo generator. A complete HD/SD logo insertion and downstream keyer package, it will key three static/animated bug ads over an HD or SD video signal. It will also insert preformatted audio clips (WAV files) and voice-overs.

Logos created in almost any uncompressed graphics format can be transferred to the HDG 300 via Ethernet. The position of the logo, fade rates, clip association and animation rates can be controlled by the operator. Three internal logos, or two internal and one external (via key and fill inputs), can be keyed simultaneously with independent fade control for each logo.

For more information, visit www.microvideo.co.uk.