Medway v2.1 to debut at NAB2008

At NAB2008, Marquis Broadcast will be showcasing Medway with bidirectional HD transcoding from Avid DNxHD to MPEG-2 long GOP (20MB/s-200Mb/s) as well as native support for Panasonic DVCPRO 100 HD.

The new version 2.1 of Medway adds a range of features including improved metadata management, intelligent multicodec handling and genealogy.

Medway can automatically select the most appropriate compression codec when transferring media between different source and destination compressions schemes to optimize picture quality and minimize concatenation issues.

The addition of genealogy gives users the ability to investigate the history of source content and clips relating to an edited sequence. This includes source video tracks, slo-mo or off-speed sequences, audio tracks and FX processing as well as other XML metadata. A beneficial spin-off of this feature is the creation of information that can be compiled for usage, performance, royalties or rights billing reports.

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