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Media Links to highlight HD transport solutions at NAB2007

At NAB2007, Media Links will showcase the HD-GigE IP gateway and HD270 Coax system, both for HDTV transport.

The HD-GigE IP gateway transports multiple HD-SDI/SD-SDI/ASI signals bidirectionally over IP networks and offers an alternative to traditional video transport services.

The flexible, HD intraframe compression codec produces a high-quality video signal that can be transported over GigE networks. SD and ASI signals are automatically detected and passed through transparently.

The HD270 Coax system compresses and transports HD-SDI signals over 270Mb/s circuits and offers high quality and low latency. By using field-by-field encoding, the entire codec process adds less than 10ms of end-to-end delay. The encoder design generates a standards-compliant transport stream operating at 270Mb/s, enabling broadcasters to use existing SD video transport infrastructures for HD signals.

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