Matrox Graphics tweaks functionality for digital signage

Matrox Graphics recently released its Matrox Bezel Displacement product specifically made for digital signage, with a feature that provides image compensation for the physical border of monitor bezels, allowing multidisplay content to appear as if it is passing behind the bezels for a more realistic and attractive look.

Content across multiple displays no longer looks distorted because the monitor bezels that cause the image to appear elongated and unnatural are now recognized and adjusted for.

With support for both 2x2 and nx1 (horizontally aligned) landscape display configurations, this feature recognizes and removes the section of multidisplay imagery that crosses the display bezels. Matrox Bezel Displacement treats the multidisplay image as one area — across all displays — including the region occupied by the bezels. As a result, scrolling text, images and video appear more legible.

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