Maltese telco selects Agama Technologies for monitoring

Maltese telco GO has selected a complete Agama Technologies DTV monitoring system for its IPTV ecosystem.

The deployed solution will be integrated into existing support tools and processes across the organization to ensure delivery of high-quality video services to all GO interactive TV subscribers.

The real-time video service quality monitoring solution will provide the telco with full insight in the distributed service quality from the headend egress, with the Agama Analyzer, to each individual subscriber, with the Agama embedded monitoring solution seamlessly integrated with all deployed Entone Kamai hybrid OTT receivers.

By processing, correlating and presenting large amounts of QoE and QoS information, together with service usage and system health, aggregated from all monitoring locations, the central Agama Enterprise server gives instant end-to-end overviews of the delivered video service quality and shows the extent of any problem and its position in the distribution chain.