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Magewell Adds Mac SDK for Video Capture Cards

Pro Capture (Image credit: Magewell)

NANJING, China—Magewell has announced expanded support for Macs with the launch of a new Software Development Kit for its PCI Express capture cards and plug-and-play, external capture devices. 

The new SDK allows third-party developers to directly access Magewell’s capture devices’ advanced capabilities in macOS and OS X software applications, per Magewell.

The SDK provides APIs based on the macOS AVFoundation framework for Magewell’s USB Capture Gen 2, USB Capture Plus and Pro Capture. Custom Magewell APIS for Pro Capture PCIe cards enable deeper control over capture parameters, access to ancillary metadata and lower latency for capturing video up to 4K at 60fps.

Magewell has made the new SDK for macOS and OS X available as a free download on