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Litepanels introduces Fresnel Sola ENG light

Litepanels has introduced its first portable, battery-powered, lightweight LED Fresnel light for sports and news production. The daylight-balanced Sola ENG provides control and single-shadow properties inherent to a Fresnel light, but uses a fraction of the power of conventional fixtures.

The Sola features instant dimming from 100 to 0 percent with no noticeable color shift and offers beam control of 70 degrees to 10 degrees. Designed for on-camera or stand mounting, the lamp provides manual focus and dimming control via camera-like ergonomic controls. Output is fully flicker-free and remains consistent even as the battery voltage goes down.

The Sola draws about one-tenth the amount of power to provide the same illumination of a conventional tungsten Fresnel, with very little heat generation. The cool-to-the-touch feature of LED lights not only cuts down on air-conditioning requirements but, because they don’t require heat dissipation and protection necessary for conventional Fresnels, the Solas weigh only one-third as much as their HMI and tungsten predecessors and have no external ballasts.