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Lenovo Mobile, Spreadtrum Communications inaugurate Lenovo Mobile TD900 series

When Lenovo Mobile and Spreadtrum Communications jointly presented a batch of Lenovo Mobile's TD900 — the new digital mobile TV-equipped TD-SCDMA handsets — to China Mobile for distribution to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games volunteers and staff members, the partners were demonstrating more than just readiness to serve the Beijing Games.

They were also demonstrating their readiness for mobile TV tests scheduled by China Mobile in advance of its third round of public bidding for TD-SCDMA handsets before the Olympic event.

Lenovo Mobile's TD900 is one of its "new vision" model series released in July 2008. A tablet phone, it supports TD-SCDMA/GSM dual-mode and 3G applications including video phone, mobile TV, auto-roaming, auto-switching and high-speed downloads. To accelerate the adoption of Lenovo’s first mobile TV-equipped TD handsets, several TV channels, including CCTV1, CCTV Olympics and CCTV News, are provided free.

The TD900 incorporates Spreadtrum chips to support both Chinese mobile TV standards — TD-SCDMA and CMMB. China Mobile anticipates completing its TD-SCDMA network infrastructure by early 2009, providing coverage for all of China's provincial capitals and selected cities.

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