Leitch unveils high-definition NEXIO server system

The NEXIO HD platform, NX4200HDX, provides two channels of HD output, or one channel of input
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Leitch Technology's NEXIO HD server

Leitch Technology has introduced the NEXIO HD server, a 64-bit, dual-processor platform that allows the integration of baseband high-definition record and playback directly into the server system. With the NEXIO HD server, Leitch has moved to software-codec technology to diminish dependence on hardware-specific functionality and embrace more general-purpose, high-performance computing platforms.

The NEXIO HD platform, NX4200HDX, provides two channels of HD output (decoding), or one channel of input (encoding) and one HD output in either 720p or 1080i format. Initial decoding for outputs support MPEG-2 main level, main profile and main level, 4:2:2 profile.

On the encoding side, it offers initial support for MPEG-2 I-frame at high level and 4:2:2 profile at 50Mb/s, with other formats such as Panasonic's DVCPRO-100 HD to follow. Using the NEXIO MTS MPEG transport stream server, it is possible to ingest HD content pre-compressed by best-in-class transmission encoders, which can then be played back through the HD-SDI baseband output of the NEXIO HD platform.

For more information, visit www.leitch.com.

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