Leader to introduce new multi SD monitors at IBC

Leader Electronics will debut two multiformat SD monitors at IBC — the LV5380 high-precision monitor and LV5330 ultra-compact monitor.

The LV5380 high-precision multi-SDI monitor incorporates an 8.4in 1024 x 768 pixel XGA integral screen with full color-calibration facilities. Designed for use by camera operators in high-end mobile productions and by colorists in OB production vehicles, it displays video and audio signal information in a choice of operator-selectable combinations.

The monitor screen provides accurate source-picture representations, high-resolution waveforms and clearly readable text. Screen calibration can be switched to 6500 or 9300 K color temperature or to storable user-specific settings. Measuring 315mm x 176mm x 85mm and weighing 2kg, the LV5380 can be powered from mains power or battery (10V to 18V DC) via optional adapters.

The LV5330 ultra-compact multi SDI monitor has applications in location television program production and digital cinematography. It meets demand for a highly compact test instrument that can be used intuitively by television personnel working on-location.

Its 6.5in integral XGA TFT screen makes the LV5330 ideal for on-camera operation. Leader’s Cinelite and Cinezone software are both supplied as standard features. Compatible with more than 20 HD-SDI/SD-SDI formats, the LV5330 measures 215mm x 128mm x 63mm and weighs 1.3kg.

For more information, visit www.leader.co.jp/english/.