LARCAN integrates Triveni Digital transport stream monitoring for NAB Show demo

Triveni Digital is demonstrating its StreamScope MT-40 real-time DTV TS monitor and analyzer, featuring mobile-DTV capabilities, within LARCAN's mobile-DTV system at the 2012 NAB Show.

The Mobile Plus end-to-end system for fixed and mobile-DTV delivery relies on the StreamScope MT-40 to provide MPEG-2/MPEG-4 TS monitoring and analysis of DTV mobile signals.

The StreamScope MT-40 DTV monitoring and analysis tool features a single easy-to-use graphical interface, enabling service providers to monitor multiple terrestrial and mobile transport streams in real time, from any location across the network.

Broadcasters have the ability to view EPG and ESG data sets and program guides, as well as verify that all streams comply with ATSC, MPEG, ATSC A/78, SCTE, DVB-SI, ISDB, and ATSC M/H standards and protocols.

See LARCAN at 2102 NAB Show booth SU1619.
See Triveni Digital at 2012 NAB Show booth SU5202.