Klein + Hummel rolls out M 52 D audio monitor with digital input

Klein + Hummel has introduced the M 52 D, an M 52 audio monitor equipped with switchable inputs for analog and digital signals in AES/EBU and S/PDIF format.

The M 52 D has a 24-bit D/A converter with a sampling rate of 32kHz-48 kHz. The analog input is transformer-balanced and floating. The digital input encompasses both stereo channels. A rotary switch on the front panel allows users to select from four sources: the analog input, digital left, digital right or both digital channels combined.

The power switch, volume control and the channel assignment switch are located on the front panel of the compact cabinet. The rear panel has an XLR connector that can accept either the analog signal or the AES/EBU digital signal, and a BNC connector for a S/PDIF digital signal, which makes for easy daisy chaining.

For more information, visit www.klein-hummel.com.