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Kasenna to Release MediaBase Platform for VOD

Kasenna Inc. will make its MediaBase XMP "eXtensible Media Platform" available on March 31. Targeted for developers, broadband service providers and enterprise users, the platform enables advanced VOD services through a software framework that addresses the major aspects of video delivery.

The platform is built on Kasenna's core technology for managing, distributing and delivering high-quality video and audio over IP and ATM networks. Important capabilities include:

* Scalability across any number of users through employment of the company's Video Content Distribution technology;
* Use of industry-standard hardware to cut costs and make the system flexible;
* Support for industry-standard formats, including MPEG-1 through 4;
* Support for the International Streaming Media Alliance's (ISMA) 1.0 specification, promoting interoperability of streaming over IP networks;
* Integration with back-office systems.