Kaltman Creations announces motorized Cable Coiler

Atlanta-based Kaltman Creations has introduced a line of cable coilers and a new cable management system. The first model in the series of Kaltman Cable Coilers is the KCC50-5, a handheld motorized cable coiler. The unit will coil up to 50ft of medium duty cable in less than five seconds. Once wound onto the spool, the cable slides right off for storage.

Kaltman claims that besides the speed advantage over hand coiling, the “perfect coil” means that there is no stress on the cable’s internal conductors and no twisted tangles when uncoiling the cable for the next use. To complete the system, the company’s Cable Slap Ties literally slap onto the cable in one motion, eliminating Velcro straps, tie line, taping or cable knot tying.

Designed for medium duty applications like microphone, lightweight speaker, lighting control and electrical power cables, the KCC50-5 Cable Coiler will also work for Cat 5, fiber-optic, coax and video cables.

For more information, visit www.kaltmancreations.com.