JDSU releases HD3-P handheld display probe

JDSU has released the HD3-P, handheld display with probe to help prevent a leading cause of network downtime: contaminated, or “dirty,” fiber.

The new HD3-P gives any technician handling optical fiber a dedicated microscope for patch-cord inspections while providing a probe microscope to inspect the bulkhead connector port.

With the two-in-one functionality, the HD3-P provides a reduction in inspection time and labor costs in the field. The combination of two microscopes makes it unnecessary to change inspection tips on the probe.

The HD3-P has a 1.8in TFT LCD screen providing crisp, detailed images of fiber-end faces with optimum resolution and comes standard with the GripSwitch power saver mode to conserve battery life. The HD3-P also provides contamination protection for the male patch cord end by allowing it to be “parked” in the patch cord module.

For more information, visit www.jdsu.com.