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JDSU introduces Variable Optical Attenuator

JDSU has announced the latest version of its Variable Optical Attenuator for the JDSU Multiple Application Platform (MAP).

The MAP Variable Optical Attenuator provides an optical power level control solution with low optical impairments and a fast transition speed (up to 25dB/s).

The MAP Variable Optical Attenuator delivers ultra low insertion loss (<1.0dB). An optional built-in power monitor provides closed-loop power control, while the high-power option is rated up to +33dBm for single-mode fiber (+27dBm for multi-mode fiber).

The MAP is a flexible instrumentation platform used for optical test and measurement applications. It is available in a 19in eight-slot Master (MAP+2M00) and a 9.5in three-slot Benchtop (MAP+2B00). Both offer a common hot-swappable backplane compatible with more than 15 different types of instrumentation cassettes.

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