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JBL Pro speakers power Beijing Olympics Fencing Hall

Demonstrating the variety and interoperability of JBL loudspeakers, the Fencing Hall at the National Convention Center in Beijing recently hosted the fencing and modern pentathlon events at the 2008 Olympic Games. This new space, which features 14 fencing strips, a warm-up room, seating and TV broadcast room, was built specifically for the Olympics. With the conclusion of the games, the space will now be converted to a convention hall. There are also numerous features aimed at lowering the building’s environmental impact.

The audio system is all JBL Professional and showcases the breadth of the company’s loudspeaker lineup. The main PA system features six Vertec powered line arrays, each containing six VT4888DP midsize line array elements and two VT4882DP arrayable subwoofers. The system also includes 400 Control24CT and 300 Control26CT ceiling speakers, along with 130 Control 300 series large-format ceiling speakers. Further bolstering the system are 92 SRX712M stage monitors, 10 VRX915M stage monitors and 20 EON15P portable loudspeakers. Additionally, the system includes eight-each AM4215/64, AM4215/95 and AM6215/64 loudspeakers as well as four AM6315/64s. Not to be overlooked are eight PD5322/64, two PD5212/64 and three PD5322/43 loudspeakers. The entire audio system will remain intact during the conversion of the hall, although the system can be reconfigured to suit different events.

Beyond the massive JBL system, the Fencing Hall is also a showcase for other Harman brands. It includes a total of 253 Crown CT amplifiers, two Soundcraft Vi4 consoles and BSS Soundweb London BLU-80 processors, all working together as part of the HiQnet-enabled system design. Hong Kong-based Advanced Communications Equipment (ACE) installed the system.

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