Jaunt ONE Now Available Through Radiant Images

PALO ALTO, CALIF.—Jaunt Inc. is rolling out its Jaunt ONE camera to the public, announcing that starting in July the camera will be available for public use through a pilot program with Los Angeles-based rental house Radiant Images. The cinematic virtual reality company will also offer its Jaunt Cloud Services to the public.

The Jaunt ONE is a professional grade stereoscopic VR camera. The J1-24G model features 24 global shutter sensors and is coupled with 360-degree ambisonic audio recordings that can be mixed with Dolby ATMOS in post-production.

The content captured with the camera can then be edited and processed in the cloud through Jaunt’s Cloud Service, per the company. Once completed, users can publish and distribute content to viewers on any platform that supports 360 video, including the Jaunt VR app.

Radiant Images will offer the Jaunt gear for rent via its website and rental house.