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IZotope ships Nectar

IZotope is now shipping Nectar, a complete vocal-processing toolkit announced earlier this month at the AES Convention in San Francisco. The new Nectar plug-in suite includes everything needed to quickly produce the desired vocal sound. IZotope is offering an introductory price of $199 on Nectar purchases through Dec. 13, after which the price will be $299.

"Nectar is designed so professionals can work faster and beginners can get results quickly," said Hart Shafer, iZotope vice president of product management. "With both a high-level, style-specific interface and 11 advanced modules, end users can choose how much creative control they want over the sound."

Nectar offers 110 professionally designed vocal production styles in 12 genres, powered by 11 processing modules that include pitch correction (automatic and note editor modes), breath control, compressors, de-esser, doubler, saturation, EQ, gate, limiter, delay and reverb. Users select a style and then customize it with faders to taste. Advanced view enables further customization through direct control of the underlying modules that power the plug-in.

IZotope’s Nectar is ideal for audio engineers, voice-over artists, singer/songwriters, recording enthusiasts, podcasters and anyone else who records sung or spoken vocals. Included style genres include alternative/indie, blues/R&B, classical, country, dance/electronica, hip hop/rap, jazz, pop, rock and spoken word.