IO2 Technology Launches New 'Thin Air' Video Display

IO2 Technology recently debuted Heliospace M2, a second-generation "free-space" methodology for displaying video in thin air.

The system provides a full color high-resolution display without the use of a physical screen, using transformed air as a display platform. Images produced by the system are not holographic, but they do appear in free space. The current technology provides images that are 87 percent larger than Heliospace's M1 initial product.

"With its new design, the M2 can be installed under a table, to have video suddenly appear in front of the viewer floating in the air, said Jay Fields, IO2 Technology operational manager. "Our customers have been excited about getting a screen area that's almost double in size from the last version."

The product has been used in marketing, trade-show and retail applications by corporate, government and private entities in the United States, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Heliospace also makes an interactive model, the M2i, which plugs into a computer USB port and provides a non-physical touchscreen.