INVIDI and Scopus show addressable advertising technology

Scopus Video Networks, a provider of digital video networking solutions, and INVIDI Technologies, a developer of addressable television advertising and marketing solutions, have developed an integrated system for the delivery of targeted addressable advertisements on cable. The two companies jointly demonstrated the technology at last week’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2007 conference in Orlando.

The system combines INVIDI’s ADVATAR architecture with the Scopus IVG-7500 Intelligent Video Splicer. The demonstration at the SCTE illustrated a simulated targeted advertising environment by delivering advertisements to multiple demographics in a single commercial insertion opportunity.

INVIDI's technology enables television service providers to simultaneously deliver multiple and distinct commercial streams to different households or individual set-top boxes during a single commercial break. It controls reach, frequency and separation of the commercial assets to true demographic targets. The system also features audience aggregation. Ad-supported channels and their audiences are aggregated together, generating value for networks that do not get consistent ratings.

The IVG-7500 allows the insertion of targeted advertisements by splicing them into the network feed and advertisement channels in the compressed digital domain. It generates a generic network feed along with synchronized targeted ads for seamless delivery to digital set-top boxes.

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