How Far Can You Throw a Hard Drive?

Storage technology solutions provider Studio Network Solutions is sponsoring the first annual "Hard Drive Toss Contest" from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 19 at NAB2005. Competition will take place in the outdoor Mobile Media area between South and Central Halls. Contest winners will receive one of three prizes, including a 17-inch Powerbook, an iBook and a U2 iPod.

Participants will be asked to toss a traditional hard drive into a garbage can that will be placed at a pre-determined length from the tossing line. The contest will test the arm strength and accuracy of attendees while providing some relief from the stresses that come from attending the show.

SNS has sponsored similar hard drive toss contests at other trade shows in the past, according to Eric Newbauer, director of operations at SNS. "Bringing this contest to NAB is a great opportunity to have some fun with attendees as they move from one hall to the next," he said.

SNS will be in Booth SL3331.