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HK Audio shows Elements line of modular sound reinforcement at NAMM

Available this year for the first time in the U.S., HK Audio used the Summer NAMM show in Nashville to display its Elements modular sound reinforcement systems, which merge the benefits of modern line array technology with the portability and easy handling of ultra-compact P.A. systems. Elements enables users to easily put together a system suitable for every situation using just six easy-to-combine components. The system can be configured to support anything from an intimate speaking engagement to a multi-instrumental concert with a full 3600W of power. Due to their modular nature, Elements systems can be quickly reconfigured for specific tasks.

In addition to dynamic subwoofers, Elements systems use multiple smaller speakers — a line array — to deliver even coverage and a uniform sound level. The precise 70-degree dispersion angle minimizes unwanted reflections, providing a coherent sonic image that helps to eliminate feedback. Musical quality and speech clarity are both greatly improved.

Setting up the Elements system and tearing it down again is quick and easy. With E-Connect, HK’s proprietary integrated signal routing system, even the largest Elements setup is performance-ready in just a few minutes with a minimum of cabling. Ranging from 2lb to 42lb, each single Element can be effortlessly carried, transported and stored. Custom-fit protective soft cases and covers are available. Due to the extremely compact and rugged design, every configuration fits into a compact car, for ease of transportation.

The Elements system consists of the following components:

• E435: A mid/high unit is made from extruded aluminum, based on line array technology for a rich, even sound field. It houses four 3.5in broadband speakers, and weighs only 5.2lb.
• EA600: Aesthetically and performance-wise, this amp module blends in well with the E435. The Class D power amp weighs only 6.1lb and puts out 600W, enough for four mid/high units, or one passive sub and two additional mid/high units.
• EF45: This stand is equipped with extendable feet, serving as a solid base for mid/high units, amp modules or the mounting pole.
• E110SubA: This portable 10in subwoofer weighs only 41.9lb and delivers a precise low end. The digital Class D power amp provides 600W, enough to feed another passive subwoofer or two more mid/high units. The integral handle makes it comfortable to carry.
• E110Sub: For applications requiring more low-end, this passive sub is the ideal add-on. It is powered by an active E110 or an amp module.
• EP1: The mounting pole facilitates rigging smaller Elements setups. It is continuously adjustable and provides cordless signal routing to the mid/high units.

For safe and convenient transport, three models of protective bags are available. One model holds four mid/high units or amp modules and a mounting pole, another fits one stand, and a third fits one subwoofer. The HK Audio Elements system is now available.