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Harris launches QuiC family of file-based analysis solutions

Harris has unveiled its next-generation family of file-based analysis solutions. The QuiC software family is designed to minimize the workload for video server operators in TV stations, network facilities and new media operations. Customers using the software tools to analyze files ingested into video servers can achieve results faster through automated processes.

The QuiC software family includes three tools: QuiC Pro, QuiC Express and QuiC View. QuiC Pro and QuiC Express integrate quickly into any operation or facility, with ready-to-go test templates and an intuitive Web-based user interface. A Web-service API enables communication with digital asset management systems and other workflow components.

QuiC Pro offers the most flexible QC feature set for the creative process. It’s ideal for use after conente editing, during automated ingest, and for on-the-fly video transcoding and archival transfers. QuiC View is a professional-grade view that offers added value for content owners seeking a fast and efficient way to closely inspect file-based assets.

All QuiC software products support multiple media formats, a wide range of video and audio codecs, and many ancillary and metadata formats.