Hamlet to show DigiScope DS900

At IBC2010, Hamlet will launch the DigiScope DS900, an on-screen quality control instrument for production and master control environments. The DS900 is supplied in a half rack width, 1U, shallow cabinet. It is designed for 3Gb/s processing and measurement from the ground up, and modules are available for all common analog and digital standards. Measurements available include the eye pattern for an at-a-glance check on the security of a digital circuit.

Test traces are displayed on any suitable monitor, and the DS900 has DVI and XVGA outputs as standard. On the front of the unit are three touchscreen displays, which provide all control functions. The left display allows users to select one or all of the four available inputs, and the right the tests to be performed. The center acts as a confidence monitor, allowing operators to check that the correct signals and tests have been set. The unit can also be controlled remotely over Ethernet or USB.

The DS900 can support four simultaneous tests on each input and display all four inputs at the same time. If required, therefore, it can show a total of 16 panes on a single screen. Alternatively, when not required for detailed tests, it can provide a quad split display of four signals with audio level overlays.

Visit Hamlet at IBC Stand 10.A24.