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Hamlet to Debut DS900 Platform at NAB

Hamlet DS900
Hamlet will launch three new products at the NAB Show, including the DS900, VidChecker and graded monitors. The company will also showcase the rest of the Hamlet test and measurement product range at the show.

The new DS900 test and measurement platform is a new way of tackling signal monitoring in busy production or master control area. The current Hamlet DigiScope performs multiple tests simultaneously, displaying up to four windows on an external display. With the DS900, Hamlet has added the capability for four inputs and a multiviewer, so on a large screen there can be four windows for each of the four signals.

The new VidChecker software system from Hamlet provides comprehensive testing, messaging and direct interfacing to workflow systems, and it also incorporates intelligent automated correction for both video levels and audio loudness.

For critical image viewing, Hamlet now also offers 24-inch grade one and grade two monitors, and a 17-inch grade two monitor. The grade one version uses LED illumination to provide even and consistent performance. The grade two monitors use a cold cathode light source and include an integrated quad split multiviewer for added flexibility in crowded control rooms.

Hamlet will be at booth C4841.