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GV Switchers Ready for 3D

Grass Valley Kayenne
Grass Valley has announced that both its Kalypso HD and Kayenne Video Production Center switchers include feature sets suited for producing live 3D telecasts. Both models have “Double Take,” which is a split M/E mode that allows operators to partition primary and secondary M/E channels for synchronizing images.

“The goal for most live 3D productions is to keep the production tools as easy to use as they are for a traditional live broadcast, without adding unnecessary extra costs,” said Jeff Rosica, Grass Valley’s senior vice president. “Both the Kalypso and Kayenne switchers are very capable of producing complex 3D shows with minimal training today and, have already been used to produce some of the finest 3D effects we’ve seen. With newer features yet to come from Grass Valley, we will make this process even easier as more projects are produced in 3D.”

In addition to the Double Take functionality, the switchers also provide “shadow” M/E busses which can provide the left-eye/right-eye feeds in parallel throughout the switcher’s processing path. Another handy feature for 3D work is Grass Valley’s Buss Linking. It’s used in tandem with Double Take to track or shadow the primary feed and to keep all 3D elements in synchronization.