Globalstor introduces iTrax data storage for pro audio

Globalstor Data debuted its ExtremeStor-iTrax at AES 2007. Equipped with a solid-state 64-bit iSCSI and NAS operating system, the new iTrax expands on the company’s ExtremeStor line. Featuring servers that are optimized for pro audio recording, it provides multiroom recording facilities with a flexible, secure solution that allows multiuser access to consolidated, centralized and fully searchable data.

Using an iSCSI initiator, the iTrax appears as a local disc drive on any computer connected to the LAN or WAN. Windows users can download the free Windows iSCSI initiator offered by Microsoft. Globalstor solutions can also be used as network attached storage (NAS) servers in conjunction with iSCSI. Once iSCSI initiators are loaded, every host system on the network can see and share all stored data. Engineers on separate workstations can simultaneously edit and mix different sessions stored on any iTrax server.

The servers are available in various configurations, ranging from an eight-drive, 1TB solution with RAID protection to a 36-drive version with multiple levels of RAID redundancy.

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