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Gepco expands fiber line with Amphenol and Neutrik connectors

Gepco has expanded its fiber cable assembly offerings to include Neutrik OpticalCon and Amphenol TAC-4 and TAC-12 cable assemblies.

As an authorized manufacturer of OpticalCon cable assemblies, Gepco is terminating custom lengths of tactical fiber cables with Neutrik’s OpticalCon connectors. Based on a standard optical LC-Duplex connection, OpticalCon increases the reliability and maximizes the uptime for fiber-optic connection systems. With the company’s recent introduction of the new IP65 rated model, the fiber-optic connector system has been upgraded for dust-tight and water jet protection.

In addition to the new Neutrik OpticalCon cable assemblies, Gepco has added Amphenol TAC-4 four-channel and TAC-12 12-channel hermaphroditic connectors. The connectors use industry standard, multichannel formats designed to withstand harsh environments.

As with all of the company’s fiber assemblies, both the Neutrik and Amphenol assemblies feature precision machine-polished contacts, which offer UPC quality to achieve –55dB return loss specifications. This helps facilitate excellent optical clarity and alignment, reducing back reflection and minimizing insertion loss. All assemblies are pre-tested and verified for consistent performance and feature premium quality connectors and components.

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