Gekko expands karess range with high-brightness model

Gekko Technology will introduce a new addition to its range of LED-based video and film lighting equipment at the IBC conference in Amsterdam next month. A soft light designed for studio and location use, the karesslite 6006-DD has twice the number of emitters and therefore twice the brightness of the existing karesslite 6006. Available in daylight (5600K), tungsten (3200K) versions, it incorporates a 6X 12 emitter format in a 300mm x 300mm panel with a front-to-back depth of 165mm and a weight of 4.8kg including diffuser.

The new 6006-DD is as compact and portable as the company’s existing 6006 fixture, yet delivers the same 2600 lux at 1m brightness as the 600mm x 300mm karess 6012. It can be used as a single soft light source or deployed with additional karesslites to form a large multiple light source. Unlike traditional lighting products, color temperature remains consistent throughout the full range of intensity variation. The light output is smooth and can be used either as a primary source or as fill.

Power can be derived from a single V-lock battery, a 12V to 40V DC feed via an XLR 4 connector, or from a mains supply. Being LED-based, the karesslite 6006-DD is far more efficient than traditional film or video production lights and emits little heat. Power consumption is 85W, allowing more than 90 minutes of continuous operation from a single rear-mountable V-Lock battery.

The new fixture features onboard dimming as well as integrated DMX support. An integral diffusion grating makes the output single-source with minimal light loss, and two egg crate options can be used to make the source more directional. Accessories available include a Gekko swivel mount, yoke, encapsulated color-correction gel sets, removable barn doors, honeycomb louvers, remote dimmer and soft transit case.