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Gefen unveils new 4x1 KVM DVI DL switcher

Gefen has announced its next generation 4x1 KVM DVI DL switcher that supports the connection of one display using either single-or dual-link DVI as well as resolutions up to 3840x2400.

Internal EDID management eliminates the need to reboot when switching between computers, and restores the original resolution settings and desktop icons for each computer. This provides a smooth transition throughout switching with no additional tweaking.

The 4x1 KVM DVI DL switcher offers cross-platform capability and provides a plug-and-play method of system integration without networking. It offers KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) control of four computers from one workstation, so users can quadruple the amount of data within reach at any given time. Users can choose their computer using the IR remote, front panel selector or any RS-232 control device.