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Fujitsu to feature HD video encoder/decoder at NAB

At the 2009 NAB Show, Fujitsu will show its IP-9500 HD video encoder/decoder. The unit offers offers real-time H.264 High Profile at Level 4 encoding with data rates from 4Mb/s to 27Mb/s for high-definition television contribution and distribution. It also supports 300ms total encode/decode latency.

Error correction functions ensure high quality of service over IP networks by preventing the distortion of decoded images, even when network packet losses occur. The IP-9500 features a compact size and rugged construction, and it is designed to reduce the cost of transmission from remote locations that demand HDTV image quality.

Encoder latency is selectable between standard and low-latency modes, allowing the IP-9500 to be used in delay-sensitive ENG applications. A bidirectional voice intercom capability is provided across broadband networks for interactive communications between remote and studio locations.